Why Do Dogs Develop Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a word no pet parent ever wants to hear. This painful eye condition can manifest in our pups due to internal eye pressure not being properly regulated in the body. Essentially, eye pressure is maintained by a delicate balance of fluid regulation. When ocular fluid isn’t draining fast enough or isn’t being produced adequately, glaucoma is soon to result. 


Glaucoma can sadly be a very painful condition for a dog to endure. As pressure accumulates in the eye due to faulty fluid regulation, that pressure mounts on the optic nerve, producing painful symptoms and damaging effects to the retina. The harm done by glaucoma can easily be lasting, and at worst, result in the complete loss of vision in your dog.


Any noticeable signs of glaucoma should be regarded as a pet emergency. The disease can be terrifyingly spontaneous with the speed with which your dog loses his vision. 


Here are five key signs your dog may be developing a case of glaucoma:


  • Frequent squinting and tearing of the eye 
  • An avoidance towards light 
  • Frequent pawing of the eyes 
  • Distinct redness of the eye 
  • Cloudy irregular cornea appearance 

Monroe Animal Health Center is Here to Save Your Dog’s Sight

At Monroe Animal Health Center, we understand how terrifying it can be to see your companion suffer. If you fear your dog may develop symptoms of glaucoma, don’t hesitate to call and schedule your appointment as soon as you can. Glaucoma is a serious health condition that requires immediate medical intervention to save your dog’s sight. 


Rest assured, at Monroe Animal Health Center, we’ll deliver only the best and most attentive treatment for your beloved companion.


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