Taking Care of Your Dog After Spaying or Neutering

If you're not planning on breeding your dog or having them mate, spaying and neutering them is the responsible choice for pet owners. Spaying and neutering your dog helps the pet homelessness problem prevalent worldwide, allowing your dog to control their natural urges. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of some perilous forms of cancer. After the operation, it's up to you to provide them with the aftercare they need to get back into top shape. You want them to be as safe and comfortable as possible on their journey to a remarkable recovery!


Make Their Life Easy

The operation was undoubtedly a scary and confusing experience for your canine companion. They don't have the facilities to understand what just happened to them or why they feel different. While they are making their recovery and settling down, you want to take it easy with them and make life as comfortable as possible. That way, they can focus on getting better without worrying about other things. Here's what you should be doing:



  • Stay With Them: You generally should avoid stressing your dog out further while recovering. They will love it if their owner is right by their side while they rest. Make them feel safe and happy with your presence, and be there if they need anything from you.
  • Food and Water: Your dog may not have much appetite after their operation, but you still need to give them food and water. When they feel like it, they will surely consume what you leave out for them. These essentials will help their bodies make a speedy healing process!
  • Let Them Rest: While your dog may usually be hyperactive and playful, post-operation, they should and would want to be resting. Don't encourage or allow them to run, jump, or play around after their procedure. They can roam around as they please, but don't force them to go on walks or get some exercise during this period.


Let the Wound Heal

The surgery will leave a pretty significant wound on their body. A dog's first instinct would be to lick its wounds, especially if they feel pain from them. You absolutely should not allow your dog to lick the stitched area, leading to infections or the wound opening. Your dog should be placed in a cone to prevent this from happening. Aside from this, you should monitor the wound and clean it regularly to help the healing process. 


Have the Best Procedure and Aftercare at Monroe Animal Health Center

Getting your dog spayed or neutered is a major medical procedure, and it should be handled by the utmost professionals if you want the best results. At Monroe Animal Health Center, we have over 40 years of experience providing veterinary care to dogs of all kinds. Our staff and facilities can help you spay or neuter your dog and care for them afterward with no complications! Get in touch with us and see how we can help your dog get their important surgery!


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