Puppy Feeding Guidelines for New Pet Parents: Schedule & Tips

When becoming a new doggy parent, there are responsibilities you need to take seriously to ensure their health, safety, and happiness. Feeding is one of the most important aspects of raising a growing puppy, and you should take it very seriously! It's normal to be confused at first, so you should familiarize yourself with how to feed a puppy the best way possible!


How Much Food

How much food you should give your puppy depends on the dog itself. There is no magic amount that is optimal for every dog, and you will have to observe and determine the proper portioning based on multiple factors. For instance, if your puppy is rather energetic, then they will need extra servings of food to supply them with the nutrition they need for their active lifestyle. The size of your pup is very important, and more often than not, there will be a nutrition guide on the food you feed them, which indicates how much you should give based on their size. Weigh your puppy to determine the proper amount they need, and add or reduce based on your observations!

When to Feed Your Puppy

With a puppy, it’s recommended to feed them at regular times set throughout the day, so they learn when to expect their meals and not be picky. When you want to feed your puppy depends entirely on you, just as long as you make sure not to overfeed it. Plan out how much they should be eating in a day, and divide that based on the number of meals you plan on giving them. Generally, dogs should eat at least two meals a day, but you can plan more should you wish to do so. It is worth noting that especially young puppies will benefit from eating many small meals a day due to the nature of their special puppy formula food. 


What Food to Give

Again, it's up to you to determine what food you want to feed your puppy every day. The main things you should follow are the nutritional value of the food, its ingredients, and your budget. Avoid foods that have added preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. Also, make sure the food you feed them has all the necessary nutrients they need to be healthy and strong. Your budget plays a significant role because more money you spend on their food can get them better nutrition. Canned food is generally the most expensive, but your dog will absolutely love eating it. Kibble is on the cheaper end, but they are a balanced diet and staple of dog food. Remember to feed them the same thing every day because changes in their diet will upset their stomachs!


Raise Your Puppy With Monroe Animal Health Center

Monroe Animal Health Center is a full-service animal hospital with decades of experience. At our medical center, your pets are valuable and loved members of our growing fur family. Raising a puppy can be difficult, but with our caring staff, you can rest easy. Give us a call and see how we can help you as you journey through being a pet parent!


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