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Has your pup walked up to you in need of affection only for your nose to be assaulted by a wave of eye-watering breath? As pet owners, we all too often underestimate how important our pet’s dental hygiene can be. 


If our pet’s dental care is neglected, our beloved companions can fall into serious and complicated trouble. The most glaring and obvious of dental neglect is periodontal disease or the development of tartar and bacteria in an animal’s mouth. The medical repercussions can be serious, and, while our pets may not show it - mouth-related diseases are a cause of absolute misery in cats and dogs. 

Establishing a regular dental care routine with your local veterinarian is key in keeping your pet’s teeth pearly white and fresh. Here are some of the benefits your pet can reap when we regularly attend to their oral needs:


  • Save Your Pet’s Teeth: Periodontal disease in advanced stages will wreak havoc on the integrity of your pet’s teeth. As bacteria continues to grow, the gum line will recede, causing the stability of teeth to falter. If neglected for too long, not only will your pet painfully lose their teeth, but the very structure of their jaw will be damaged by the infection. 
  • Spare Your Pet Bodily Infections: Many owners do not realize how interconnected the oral cavity is to the bodies of their pets. A pup whose mouth has developed tartar and bacteria can expect the infection to spread to other parts of the body: damaging vital organs and silently stealing years from your pet’s life. 
  • Eliminate Bad Breath: The most obvious boon that comes from responsible dental care is the eradication of bad breath. No longer will your sweet pomeranian’s panting be announced by a foul stench. 


We Can Provide Dental Protection for Your Pet

It is our duty as responsible pet owners to understand our pet’s dental needs. If your pet’s teeth are all stained in black and yellow tartar, it’s time to schedule a cleaning! At Monroe Animal Health Center we take our patient’s dental care very seriously. We provide nothing short of the best medical care possible and ensure your pet is comfortable and calm all the while. Contact or visit us today at our West Monroe to schedule your companion’s first of many regular dental checkups!


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