Pet Dangers This Holiday Season: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

The holiday season is a time of joy, laughter, and sharing. But if you're a pet owner, it can also be a time of worry: What if your dog gets into the Christmas tree? Is there any way to stop them? What if you leave the door open, and your cat escapes? Will they be okay?

We're here to help!


In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the most common dangers that pets face during the holiday season—and how you can keep your furry friend safe.


3 Common Dangers Lurk Around the Holidays and How to Prevent Them


Christmas Tree Dangers

Christmas trees are just about the most festive thing you can put in your home to celebrate the holiday season, but they can also be a danger to your pet. Oftentimes, they contain small, sharp needles that can cause injury to your pet's mouth and tongue if they chew on them. While our pets might think they're just having some fun, they could end up with punctured gums or even an infection if they ingest something sharp that was in the tree.

It's important to keep your pet away from the tree when it's not being displayed so that they don't accidentally get their paws caught in the branches or knock over anything that could hurt them. It's also important to keep all decorations up high so that your dog won't knock them off and swallow any small pieces of glass or metal.


Holiday Pet Food Dangers

One holiday-specific danger that can affect your pet is food poisoning. So, how do we prevent this?

Simple. Just keep your pet on a very strict diet during the holidays—that way, they won't get into anything they shouldn't. Also, just feed your pet food that is safe for pets. Don't let them eat any of your holiday leftovers, and don't give them any treats that aren't meant for animals. If you're going to have a party at your house, make sure that there are no dogs or cats around—they could easily get into something they shouldn't.


Fireworks Dangers

Fireworks can cause serious damage to your pet's hearing and eyesight, which means your family dog is at risk for permanent damage if exposed for too long. If you want to ensure your furry friend has a happy holiday this year—and every other year, you can find a safe place for your dog before the fireworks start. A basement or garage will do in a pinch, but ideally, you'll have an enclosed space that doesn't allow the sound of the fireworks into it—like an air-conditioned room—so that your pets don't have to listen to the noise all night long.

Also, keep everyone inside during the show until it's over! Even if you think your dog can handle it, it's important to remember that loud noises can be startling and even scary for animals. It's best to keep everyone safe inside during the fireworks, so they don't get spooked by the sounds.


Need Help?

Your pet is your family, and you want to do everything you can to help them navigate the world. But when it comes to the kind of danger that requires a vet's assistance, sometimes the best thing for your pet is to let a professional handle it. Monroe Animal Health Center, your pet and your family are our top priorities. We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

Call us at (318) 373-6052 if you are concerned about something your pet ingested.


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