Lyme Disease in Pets

Lyme disease is the bane of hikers in tick-infested areas. This serious bacterial illness can have devastating effects on both pets and humans. The main vector of transmission occurs through the bite of a tick carrying the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. If the disease is left to its devices, the body will suffer as the bacteria spreads, causing joint pain, organ damage, and general quality of life dissatisfaction. Dogs are excellent at concealing their pain, so as a responsible owner, you must check your pup for ticks regularly. 


 Common signs of Lyme disease include the following:


  • Swollen joints 
  • A loss in appetite 
  • Difficulty moving or lameness
  • Change in energy levels 
  • General pain and discomfort 
  • Fever


If your dog’s lifestyle involves a lot of time outdoors, you must comb your pup for ticks before letting them back into the house. Ticks are notorious stowaways, and it only takes one undetected tick to infiltrate your home, and possibly spread Lyme disease between you and your pet. So all pet parents who frequent the outdoors with their companion: be on guard!


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