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For pet owners who are looking to go on vacation, knowing where you can safely keep your pet can be a challenge. Although there are many pet-sitters, trusting an amateur caretaker is a risky proposition. For example, an inexperienced caretaker may not know how to handle pets that are distressed, sick, anxious, or scared. Therefore, consider high-quality and experienced boarding facilities in the Monroe area. 


Top Benefits of Pet Boarding

  • A boarding facility is an ideal temporary home for your furry friend. By leaving your pet at a boarding facility while you are away, you will have experienced caretakers to look after your beloved pet. 


  • Pet boarding facilities are designed in such a way that they can meet the needs of your dog and cats. With ample space, entertainment, and attention, your pet will have all their basic needs met and more. 


  • Boarding facilities offer clean spaces for your pet to stay in. Since most facilities have many pets going in and out of the facility, cleanliness is a critical part in ensuring no infections are passed from one pet to another. Boarding facilities take extra care in making sure their equipment and spaces are clean and disinfected. 


  • High-quality facilities are structured in a way to avoid any aggression between pets. Typically, the cats will be separated from the dogs, and the aggressive dogs will be kept away from the smaller, more vulnerable dogs to provide a sense of security and comfort for all the pets. 


  • The trained professionals available on the premise will ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met.


Monroe Animal Health Offers High-Quality Pet Boarding

Here at Monroe Animal Health, we want your pup or kitten to feel happy and healthy. They deserve to feel like they’re on vacation when you’re out of town. Our facility was built to make them feel comfortable. No matter how long your pet needs boarding for, they’ll be cared for and loved the entire time. And, if any health emergencies arise, our trained veterinary staff is available to help. For a great boarding experience for your cat or dog, contact Monroe Animal Health today.

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